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The World Trade Center

September 11, 2001


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Above, a sign on the door at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Fla.  The school offers to teach people how to fly aircraft.  This school educated the pilots who were involved in the World Trade Center trajedy.  The pilots were also trained at the Huntville Training Center, Hentville, Alabama.  Notice the  logo is in the shape of a pyramid?   The pyramid is by far the most popular symbol they use.   It can be seen in government and big business as well.

The organizations logo can be seen here as well.

The above capture was taken right after the second plane hit.  Notice the white "spec" in the upper right hand portion of the photo?   Below is a blow-up:

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This object could not have been the other plane because the other plane had already crashed into the other building, the video capture shows that.

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Animated GIF showing impact of second aircraft

Upon approach the pilot roles the aircraft to assure impact with the building.   Soon after impact, it explodes.   The camera man captures the fire ball along with the mystery object above.

Frame by frame analysis shows the object is in a hover, then after the plane hits the building it moves to the right.  Comparing the position of the white spec with the position of the building directly below it frame by frame you can see that the object does move.    It was hovering there, then the plane hits,... then the object moves off.   The flight behaviour supports the notion that it was under intelligent control.

The color of this object is white.   Here is a picture which shows a helicopter in the distance to the left of the World Trade Center complex.   Note the color of the helicopter.    It is much darker then the object above.

In the field of UFO research we know that many descriptions of sightings are very diverse.  Some are described as being white craft or having the same color as a cloud.   In biblical times some names people called them "Clouds" or "Pillars of clouds".

We think the object was a spacecraft working together with the airliners.  Either that or it was just observing.    Engineers were amazed at how easily the two buildings collapsed.

Then of course we have the Demon-like images within the smoke:

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The third one is to large to display on this page.  You can click HERE to view it.

Below is a scan of a compact disc cover.   It was released days before the two planes crashed in New York's World Trade Center.

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Current research:

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In the October 2001 issue of WIRED Magazine the above album cover was found by an email group member.   It appears on page 170 (music review page).   "COUP" is the name of the band.    Bad timing for the design of the cover?  Or did someone know what was going to happen?   The design of the cover predates the World Trade Center by months.