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More on the Brotherhood

        Many people who study UFOs fail to study related subjects.  The subject of UFOs is a very deep one and it is VERY diverse.   One must study several different subjects in order for the truth to be known.  Ancient Civilizations, the Bible, Anthropology, Astronomy, Freemasonry, and the Occult are just a few subjects you must study in order to figure out what is going on.

Symbolism in Christianity and an Ethiopian stamp.
The Brotherhood secret society is every where, all over the world.

Christianity is closely tied to the Brotherhood since the time of Christ. The above left painting by Jan Provost is entitled, "A Christian Allegory." It features Christian symbols, among them, the "All Seeing Eye" of God and the Lamb. Both symbols were used by the Brotherhood long before Christianity.   Above right is an Ethiopian postage stamp issued in 1977.   It features the Marxist regime's emblem.   Recognize the "All Seeing Eye" in the center?

 A Masonic Bible
(The big "G" means "God")

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

        The Masons have controlled banking institutions since their foundations.  They would need to, to fund the wars they bring.  I will remind you, not all FreeMasons worship Satan.   Only the top 5% are as proven in previous pages, the rest are unaware of what is going on.

The Eagle (a Brotherhood symbol is used by Social Security)

        In 1935, after bank failures and a stock market crash had wiped out the savings of millions of Americans, the country turned to Washington to guarantee the nation's elderly a decent income.  The solution was Social Security.  More than six decades later, with the gigantic  Baby Boom generation approaching retirement age, Social Security faces a funding crisis. By about 2012 more money will be going out to Social Security recipients than will be coming in from workers' payroll taxes. The system's trust fund can cover the difference for a while, but by about 2032 the trust fund will be empty and the program will no longer be able to meet all its obligations.

 From left to right, the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of the Navy, ATF and the FBI.  All sport Brotherhood symbols.

        Brotherhood(Masonic) symbols are in every branch of the government.  The CIA uses the Eagle, and American flag, both symbols of the Brotherhood in its seal.   The FBI uses the stars and stripes design.  The ATF(Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms) sports the Masonic compass.

Seal of the Federal Reserve system

        One sure way to control and manipulate people is to control the economic and monetary systems in which they live.  The seal of the  Federal Reserve Board  sports the eagle.

       The Brotherhood deliberately designed a system that is unstable.   Cycles of unemployment, poverty, discrimination are powerful tools it uses to keep us all disunited.   When ever they want, they can introduce economic slow downs in any part of the world which eventually affect other parts.

Christ and Buddha(The Enlightened One)

        The movie, "The Lost Years" by Richard Block made the claim that Christ went to Asia and studied the religions there.  "Legend of "ISSA", a very old Buddhist document purportedly discovered in the Himi Monastery of India by Russian traveler Nicolas Notovitch in 1887 is very interesting.  Notovitch made a translation of this legend and published it in a book called "The Unknown Life of Jesus."

        The Buddhist legend says that a remarkable young man named "ISSA" had departed for Asia at the age of  thirteen.  ISSA studied under several religious masters of the east and did some preaching of His own and returned to Palestine sixteen years later at the age of 29.  The life of ISSA and Christ interestingly run in parallel.  This led to the conclusion that ISSA was Christ.   If this is true than Christ's journey to Asia would have been withheld from biblical writings because it contradicts the idea that Jesus had achieved spiritual enlightenment solely by divine inspiration.

        There are some remarkable implications to the ISSA legend to numerous to go into detail here.   It portrays Christ as a sincere religious reformer who found Himself turning against Brotherhood teachings which He had been raised.   I find myself doing just the same but it is difficult to teach people when they don't listen, believe or do any research.

        Christ was killed by those who wanted to keep spiritual information from the human race because they didn't want to lose control of Earth.

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