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Tiahuanaco, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

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Gateway of the Sun

        Tiahuanaco, located at 13,000 ft elevation on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia is another monolithic site which demonstrates an advanced knowledge of construction.   The monolithic Gateway of the Sun was carved from a single block of andesite 10 ft. high.  The Gateway of the Sun from a solid piece of andesite, is located in the ancient Incan city of Tiahuanaco, in modern day Bolivia. Some researchers have dated Tiahuanaco to 15,000 BC based upon astronomical alignments of sighting stones similar to those found at Stonehendge.

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Viracocha statue located at Tiahuanaco

        Viracocha, a "god," came down from heaven and taught mankind, Astronomy, Mathematics and Agriculture.  A common theme throughout the entire ancient world.

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How the stones at Tiahuanaco fit together

        A few hundred yards away lies Puma Pumku.   Stone building blocks are intricately cut with laser precision.  They fit together like pieces of a puzzle, a sophisticated architectural achievement for a primitive culture.  The builders carved groves in the edges of the blocks and into these groves they poured a multin alloy which would harden into a staple.

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       Again we see an advanced building technique here which cannot be attributed to makind and his primitive knowledge.

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