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        Teotihuacan is situated in a large valley, 45 kilometers from Mexico City.   Many people do not realize this but, the solar system from Mercury to Pluto are represented there.     Teotihuacan means, "The place of the gods."

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Clyde Tombaugh

          Teaching that Clyde Tombaugh discovered planet Pluto is incorrect because Pluto is represented at Teotihuacan AND the ancient Sumerians knew of its existance as well.

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Floor plan of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

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The Solar system has nine planets in it.
Each planet is represented by a structure at Teotihuacan.

        There are many ancient structures all over the world that demonstrate an advanced knowledge. A knowledge that cannot be attributed to mankind with his primitive knowledge.  

        At Teotihuacan, the gods are depicted in paintings and sculptures, and, with different names, were later worshipped by other Mesoamerican peoples.  These deities included the gods of rain and water, the Sun and Moon, and the plumed serpent known as Quetzalcˇatl by the Aztecs, who, according to legend, gave mankind science and wisdom(another common theme throughout the ancient world).

Pyramid of the sun

Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

        The main building, the Pyramid of the Sun, measures 215 meters on each side, making its base similar in size to that of the largest Egyptian pyramid.    The Sun Pyramid was extensively excavated in the first decade of this century by Leopordo Batres.    Since that time, two tunnels have been excavated into the core of the pyramid, providing more information about its chronology and substructure. Another extensive excavation by INAH, directed by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma in 1992-93, exposed more of the pyramid complex, especially on its north and east sides.

        As originally built, the Sun Pyramid was approximately 215 by 215 m at the base, and about 63 m high. It was significantly enlarged at least twice in later periods, resulting in a final size of 225 m along each side. The pyramid was located on the east side of the Avenue of the Dead in the northern half of the city. If the area of monumental construction between the Moon Pyramid and the San Juan Canal is regarded as the central zone of the city, the Sun Pyramid is located at its middle. In addition to its geographic centrality, the importance of the pyramid is indicated by a cave located under the structure. It is believed by certain scholars that the cave was used for ritual activities, and why the pyramid was constructed where it is today.

        The pyramid was actually reconstructed as five stepped platforms. However, the forth platform seems to have been erorneously reconstructed by Batres early this century. The pyramid originally consisted of four stepped platforms, a surmounting temple, and the Adosada platform, which was built over what was originally the principal facade of the pyramid. No information about the temple itself is available, since, along with the upper-most portion of the pyramid, it has been completely destroyed.

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