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Machu Picchu, South America

Machu Picchu

      Macchu Picchu represents the "crown jewel" of archeology in the Americas. Located 60 miles North of Cusco in Southern Peru, Machu Picchu is simply the most spectacular archaeologic site on this continent.

        Located high in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu is a late Inca settlement. It lies 43 miles northwest of Cuzco at the top of a ridge, hiding it from the Urabamba gorge below. The ridge is between a block of highland and the massive Huaynac Picchu, around which the Urubamba River takes a sharp bend. The surrounding area is covered in dense bush, some of it covering Pre-Colombian cultivation terraces.

        The ruins include palaces, baths, temples and approximately 150 houses. White granite cut carefully into pieces up to 12 feet long were used for the construction of the walls.

        The ridge runs east-west with a rise on both the north and south sides. On the south is a steep rock trimmed to provide flat surfaces for buildings, most notably the Temple of the Three Windows and the Hitching-Post of the Sun. The flat top of the ridge consists of small plazas, house blocks and terraces. The houses that form the majority of the buildings at Machu Picchu
have stone walls with high steep gables. Stone pegs set into the outer wall were used to fasten the straw thatch.

        Machu Picchu demonstrates a construction technique that rivals the pyramids. What was constructed at sea level in Egypt, Machu Picchu was constructed at 9,000 ft in altitude. The city was built with stones weighing up to 200 tons and some of the city walls are situated so no ramps could have been used in their positioning.

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Stone wall at Machu Picchu

        The blocks above are irregularly shaped and accurately cut to fit precisely up against each other.    Most of the blocks are not perfectly square but they all fit against each other precisely.  No mortar of any kind was used. You could not even fit a human hair in between the blocks they're so precise.   The display of advanced stone building is not limited to just Machu Picchu. You can see that it was also used in ancient sites all over the world.

        Many megaliths all over the world were clearly not built by mankind.   Stone tools and other primitive methods just do not answer the riddle as to how these structures were built.   This is work that only a laser could have done.

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