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What is the Fountain of Youth? Could it be a charge envelope of embedding?
Below is a Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role
Where does El Dorado come into the picture?
What is El Dorado?

El Dorado: El=Phase Shift from circle to line.. matter(matrix) to energy, Dor=Doorway.. 
El Dorado - Doorway into Gold - which is Door to Perfect Fractal Embedding.

          The below information has been put together by Dan Winter and Ron Pastore's El Dorado mapping project with the help of William Buehler, Daniel Perez, & Michael Morton.

        At the present time there is a film being digitally edited by Golden Ratio Productions in conjunction with Ron Pastori's ElDorado Mapping. I'm sure this will be a very informative and exciting film. We will bring you further details when they are available.

        Below is being presented a visual tour to the 'pent embedding' we think you will find it very interesting.

        This article is suggested reading for further background:

        The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny

        The pictures below seems to suggest a larger meaning to why this Pentagram Based Structure was required for becoming Immortal & Sustaining Self-Awareness.

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        Thanks to Steve McIntosh, Now & Zen, Golden Ratio Measuring Tool & Book, Boulder. Now & Zen products can be purchased directly from the company by calling: (800) 779-6383, visiting the website at

        Summary: Recursive magnetic structures tell us where our countries power sites and politics originated and they also show us areas will be able to survive sunbursts and magnetic storms.
For more information on how this may apply to the Aug 11, 99 events - click here:

        This new information about America's dramatically PHI- PENT interior (pictures below) is cross referenced with stunning parallels to Gothic/Grail, Giza and the Cydonian landscapes, suggesting a theme thru geologic time too compelling to ignore. We must ask ourselves now that we know which of these magnetic structures can survive what do we do now? Click here for more information on Embedability.

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        Quoting from: Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent? " There are cities/bioregions which look magnetically from the sky like living biological structures. If you have seen Peter Russell's film "The Global Brain" where they zoom out from the unplanned city you may have noticed it was visually indistinguishable from CANCER (see geometry of cancer cell) tissue, a geomantically planned/embedable landscape which looked "living" from the sky? The principle is survival related.

         An Earth that is magnetically compressing will perceive the non-compression geomagnetic or pollution clouds above cities as sores that will not heal. Her response will be to slough them off like a scab that itches. The natural solution of the Earth to such pollution is to create a wetland. Roughly 60% of the planet population is within 300ft of sea level.down.

- See Eagle in Pennsylvania (head of appalachian "spine"),

- Glastonbury Zodiac Landscape Temples,

- The pent Zodiac Landscape Map Exquisitely Around Rennes Les Chateaux in S.France was the STARTING PLACE of "Holy Blood Holy Grail. related to:Templar

Rennes Southern France Geometric in Much Greater Detail: Precedent for the Templar Re-Pent Agenda?

- Buehler's Reshel Grid Templar maps..

- the Pent Fractal Masonic Outline of the Washington DC grid,


- Arkhom across NewEngland, A Millenium Monument Project! Many important links here, face of Geometry right across New England, Tree of Life Map of Africa, Tetra Planetary and Star Geometrics.

(also see the book "Two Third's" by David Mayers/David Percy, the Arcturian/Essene view of the geometrics necessary to 'planet tame':... specifically that is the skill to place paramagnetic lenses/tuning weights dolmen like Giza/Cydonia at tetrahedral latitude spin grab points... in order to adjust improve the phase lock embedding of planetary spin into zodiacal spin... this improved charge recursion stabilizes gravity and therefore atmosphere retention.. also setting up the capacitive embedding conditions in the long wave context necessary to fertilize the evolution of SELF-awareness in the inhabiting genepool.)

Washington, D.C. Structures compared to the configuration of Cydonia

            By taking a map of all the numerous major Native American Mound sites, and looking for at least seven of them in a line, which indicates a long wave magnetic alignment, we find the following picture which is another confirmation of the Washington DC - Rennes - Giza - Cydonia pentagram geometric. Right here in North America.

            This pentagram points to El Dorado Kansas with a center point near two towns in Tennessee named Center and CenterVille.  Then by locating all of the towns in the United States that are named El Dorado and connecting them the following pentagram is discovered.

"Trinidad Codex"

Once we locate all the places named Trinidad we come up with still another pentagram.

            All of which point to The EL DORADO complex in Kansas which was called CIBOLA ('layered onion'? recursion map?) which (Fountain of Youth.. burning charge font of life force by successful embedding) Ponce DeLeon sought between El Dorado Kansas (Cuivera country) and 'Leon' Kansas, near an actual cave nested in an actual Pentagram layout with an actual spring where Ron actually got younger..!  Please stay tuned to obtain the film being produced by Golden Ratio Productions friends in NC in collaboration with Ron Pastori.

(from Steve Nelson film..Washington DC is EXACTLY on the dodeca's node..)

The picture below"GenIsis" the solution to nest the recursion/embedding self-aware

            The Pentagram was the key to the Cathedral complex of Rennes Le Chateaux & THE HOLY GRAIL..(also "Poisson's Secret")

Picture above showing the pentagram recursion Templar 'ReShel in comparison to crop circle.

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