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Angkor Wat

        Angkor Wat is in Cambodia.   There are many other structures at this site.   Just as the pyramids of Egypt represent the Orion constellation, the structures in Cambodia represent the Draco constellation.   On RICHARD C. HOAGLAND's SOHO page(which is in the links section), he mentions Draco.  And there is in no doubt, a masonic connection.

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The Draco Constellation

        I still have yet to find a more detailed map of Angkor to show the connection to the Draco constellation.

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Stone work at Angkor

            Stone work at many ancient sites demonstrate an advanced building technique which mankind cannot be held responsible for.  Precise astronomical alignments, and stones weighing tons so precisely cut and positioned, a human hair cannot even be slid inbetween them. You can find more information in Graham Hancocks book, "Heaven's Mirror."

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